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The Martin County Solid Waste Management District provides an opportunity to recycle for residents and businesses in rural southwestern Indiana.

A drive-through recycling drop-off center is available year for residents at 500 Industrial Park Drive in Loogootee located just off of Hwy. U.S. 50 East.

Recyclables pick up is available to area businesses and government offices.

Currently, over two hundred businesses are recycling with the Martin County Recycling Center due to a lack of recycling outlets for many recyclable products. The District processes and ships over two hundred and fifty tons of recyclables a month.

The following recyclables can be processed at the Recycling Center:

   • old newspaper
   • magazines and catalogues
   • colored office paper including envelopes with windows
   • junk mail
   • white office paper
   • green bar and computer papers
   • Books; hardback, paperback and telephone
   • clear, green, brown glass
   • Any plastic bottle, NO plastic butter tubs, ice cream buckets, etc.
   • Plastic grocery sacks
   • Stretch wrap and Film Plastic - usually wrapped around pallets - no stretch       plastic that has been used to cover food - make sure any paper labels are       removed
   • Tin and Steel cans that are rinsed
   • Aluminum cans (we do not accept tin foil and pie plates)
   • Clothing: shoes, belts and purses
   • Stuffed animals and stuffed toys
   • Eye glasses
   • E-cycling = electronics, includes computers (small fee charged)
   • Toner cartridges, printer ribbons

The Center also recycles home appliances such as:
(the center charges a small fee for appliances)

   • water heaters
   • washers
   • dryers
   • refrigerators
   • aluminum siding
   • gutters
   • scrap metals
   • any scrap metals generated in a household, no cars, campers, etc.

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A reuse area is located at the Recycling Center for anyone to browse for free items. We encourage residents to bring items. Party and prom dresses, boots, paint, wrapping paper, greeting cards, dishes, books and furniture are examples of the items available for reuse. The District works with a local charity in identifying and providing reusable items to residents.
Satellite Distributor (of new mfg. goods) Under Rehab Resources of Indianapolis we have NEW from the manufacturer many items for a small distribution fee.

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The District provides educational programs and tours to area schools, businesses and adult groups. We offer tours tailored to your group's age and recycling knowledge. The District also maintains resources for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. These materials and curriculum guides are specifically designed for Indiana classrooms.

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Waste Oil Collection
The District collects waste oil at Smith Citgo gas station in Loogootee. As a member of the HHW Task Force in Indiana, the District provides public announcements and information on how to recycle oil and its importance to the environment. Over two thousand gallons of waste oil were collected last year.

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Household batteries are accepted for recycling at thirteen locations in Martin County. The batteries are recycled through an inter-local agreement with the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.

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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Unused oil paint, solvents, and household chemicals can be brought to the Recycling Center for proper handling and disposal through another district. Many farm and lawn chemicals can be handled through the local farm co-ops and fertilizer dealers. If you are unsure about proper disposal of a household chemical, please call the District office for guidance. Many HHW items are accepted free of charge - some items, such as appliances with freon have minimal charges. Cleanser and yard products are put on the reuse table to give away.

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Yard Waste

The towns and cities in Martin County have leaf and yard waste pick up service for residents. To enhance their efforts, the District purchased a leaf vacuum to more effectively service the communities' needs. Composting education and information is available at the Recycling Center. Stop by and learn more if you have questions. For Leaf Pick-up at your curb call the Loogootee Mayors office or the Shoals Water office.

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Waste Assessments

Businesses and offices within the District can request a waste assessment to be performed. The waste assessment will attempt to identify potentially recyclable materials and suggest methods to reduce waste stream output. Many of the businesses that have had a waste assessment on their waste stream now reduce their waste stream through better practices and recycle with the Recycling Center.

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Illegal Dumping
Throughout Martin County illegal waste dumps exist. By providing education about the reasons for proper disposal of solid waste and working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management many illegal dumps have been cleaned up. To encourage proper solid waste disposal the Recycling Center will take garbage bags for $1.00 per 33 gallon bag and larger items at minimum costs. The District holds two clean up days a year, one in the spring and one in the fall - on these days Martin County residents have the opportunity to dispose of truck loads of trash that is not accepted at the curb for disposal. For more information call the District office.

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